Conrad Sewell has new tunes and they're AMAZING

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For the past two years, Conrad has been playing shows all over the world alongside renowned artists and DJs alike. "I was f*cking over it,” he confesses. “Life on the road had become a whirlwind. I was partying like a madman, and I completely fucked up a relationship I thought would last forever. When I started writing, I held nothing back."
When Conrad returned to the studio, he did so with the same producer that worked on his critically acclaimed first single, ‘Start Again,’ Jamie Hartman (Rag’N’Bone Man, Christina Aguilera). “We focused on the strength of Conrad’s vocals. Although his voice has mainstream appeal there’s also a rare and raw rock ‘n’ roll sensibility to it.”

The stark and stirring piano chords and bluesy spark of ‘Come Clean’ serve as his clarion call to do so. “I was with a girl that I loved so much she made me want to stop partying the way I did,” he admits. “But, I didn’t. The whole situation was driving me crazy at the time and the words poured out in the studio. It opened the gates to the rawer lyrics that seeped into the new stuff.” ‘Healing Hands,’ also on the highly anticipated GHOSTS & HEARTACHES, is a soaring and uplifting mid-tempo song that Conrad says, “always felt like the perfect complement to ‘Come Clean’.

‘Healing Hands’ is my truth, and my thank you, to the incredible people in my life who continue to remind me that people can change.”