Bloods are getting their 'Feelings Out'


Since their inception, Bloods have maintained their place as one of the country’s most endearing bands. Whether it’s through their highly infectious, undeniably fun punk-pop-meets-riot-grrrl tunes or their live shows, Bloods have consistently been celebrated by critics and fans alike. Feelings sees Bloods songs evolve from garage-punk fun to fully realised pop-punk anthems.

The song-writing on Feelings is proof of a band that has grown together and learned to embraced their collective love of pop hooks and wall-of-sound distortion. Pushing themselves further than ever before, Feelings was written over a tumultuous eighteen month period and while lead singer MC was processing the end of a ten year relationship, which inevitably crept into so many of the songs that make up the record.

Hear Josh's chat with MC below!