James Sun drops debut single 'All The Ways'


James Sun is a fresh, new artist to the dance/pop music scene. Mixing the roots of acoustic pop melodies and vocals with electronic dance production and drops, James is creating his own unique sound in attempt to change the game. James started his career at 16 when he commenced guitar lessons, but after a few months he felt he was learning very slowly, so he decided to drop guitar lessons, start using You Tube and teaching himself by ear. 

After writing and recording a whole acoustic EP, James decided to vault it away and begin a new journey, as he felt that his style was too close to many other artists and the pop acoustic scene was not for him. This is what lead James to the electronic/pop genre. James is now ready to launch his career in the music industry with his debut single “All The Ways” which is scheduled for release on September 29.

Hear Josh's chat with James below!