East Denistone are chill vibes personified


Naming it after his home of twenty two years, Marcus created the East Denistone project to funnel ideas drawn from a long and intimate relationship with music. From early childhood, his parents enrolled him into piano lessons as part of a noble ambition to provide a well rounded upbringing, galvanizing the development of what he’d deem an integral part to his character. The two decades that followed saw music become a coping mechanism, a creative outlet, a search for validation to feed an overzealous ego, a learning tool, and even at times a reluctant obligation - pursuing it only because so much time and energy had already been invested.

His music now reflects a life spent collecting influences from all aspects of the human experience, not just that of the storied history of art and sound. Marcus consciously chooses to dedicate time to writing about issues in which he feels affect not only himself, but the world around him, laced with a deeply rooted fascination with people’s motivations, their cultures, and the legacy they leave once their time is over. 

Hear Marcus' chat with Josh below!