St Ives are going post-apocalyptic with 'Roaches'


St Ives: a collaboration between Perth vocalist Anna O’Neil (Anna O) and Melbourne producer Arik Blum. Brought together by a love of deep bass mid 90’s UK sounds and at a time of major crossroads and personal turmoil, what spawned was a space that enabled catharsis and experimentation.

‘The Roaches' is St. Ives’ latest offering and follows on from ‘Nowhere’, ‘As You Are’ and ‘Die For’. ‘The Roaches’ is an apocalyptic premonition, exploring the concept of what we would do when we know that tomorrow, the end will arrive. The lyrics set up the feeling of a type of reflective resignation to the approaching storm, to the imminent fire, anchoring its message on the line “When the end approaches, don’t hold on, we’ll leave it to the Roaches”. With both Blum and O’Neil having dealt with great loss and grief since the inception of the project, the song is their most personal and revealing to date.

Hear Josh's chat with Arik below!